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Conventional Ground Beds

Our crews are equipped with the knowledge and expertise to install your distributed conventional ground beds. Our experienced management team can help you locate the right site, aid in the proper configuration and material selection and install the system with the performance and output you expect.


Our experienced team will install your new groundbed, power poles/meter loops, rectifiers, excavate the pipeline and all incidentals required for your new groundbed.




Deepwell Ground Beds

Tired of drilling crews that do not know the drilling conditions in your area?


Steele Cathodic and its network of drillers lets the experts work in geographical areas they are familiar with and are prepared for the conditions encountered.


Our deepwell installation crews are experienced in varying conditions found all over the United States.

Linear Ground Bed / HDD
AC Mitigation

With our commitment to safety and excellence, Steele Cathodic can provide AC Mitigation installation services to cover the unique and demanding requirements of this ever growing problem.


Whether we are trenching, horizontal directional drilling, plowing or drilling grounding wells, our crews are experienced in installation of these complex systems. 

With our in house horizontal directional drilling (HDD) crews, our team has the knowledge and experience to install these, sometime difficult, ground beds safely and efficiently.


Safely potholing all underground utilities with our vacuum excavation equipment insures the installation will be installed as designed without incident.





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